Ann Christiansen

ॐ Woher ich komme

Göteborg Schweden

ॐ Woran ich glaube 

In Liebe liegt die Kraft.

Love is the power that concours all and let’s us access high magic of tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness, self-love , healing and peace.

I believe in choosing love over fear and choosing from love.

ॐ Was ich praktiziere 

Durchs leben Tanzen, Nia

ॐ Was ich lehre 

Nia in Form von Stunden , Playshops und Ausbildungen

ॐ Verrätst Du uns Dein aktuelles Lieblingszitat?

Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you. John C.Maxwell 

Let'S Step IN


You are invited to Wake Up your Body´s Sensory IQ and experience the flow inside , outside and around your Body, to connect your kinestestic sense and cultivate a sense of being Relaxed and Ready. Nia will seduce you into your Own Bodys Way of moving and sensing , a choregraphy that teaches us to Dance Through Life.



You are invited to explore Movement that is insipired by Music and the feedback your awareness gives you moment-to-moment, to Breath and integrate JOY into every cell of your Body. The simple choregraphy allows you to both lead and follow your dance on and of the Mat.



You are invited to Step In and set the tone for the weekend  through the vibration of Life-Force, we will activate all of the elements and connect to earth and heaven with both fast and slow rythms. To follow your heartbeat and let your feet be the hands that touches the earth.

ॐ Wann & Wo

Samstag 8-9 Uhr



ॐ Stil



ॐ Level