Julia Weis

ॐ Woher ich komme

Germany, Landau

ॐ Was ich praktiziere 

Yoga, AcroYoga, ThaiYogaMassage, Birthworker

ॐ Was ich lehre

Yoga, AcroYoga, ThaiYogaMassage

ॐ Wo ich Stammgast bin  

Sunshine House Greece

ॐ Handstand oder Shavasana?


ॐ Allgäu oder Bali?


ॐ Buch oder Podcast? 


ॐ Mein aktuelles Lieblingsmantra

Om Gam Ganapataye Lulu & Mishka

ThaiYogaMassage: THE.ART.OF.TOUCH

We all know the gestures to operate our smartphones. We stroke, we swipe, we press, we click. But do you know the gestures to deeply relax a human being? This workshop explores simple and powerful techniques establishing the art of touch.


Using ThaiYogaMassage as an application of Metta (loving kindness) to deeply connect and rejuvenate in both the giver and the receiver role.  

-open level, everyone benefits from relaxation, connection and loving kindness! 

ॐ Wann & Wo

Samstag 14-15 Uhr