David Lurey

ॐ Woher ich komme


ॐ Was ich praktiziere 

Yoga & Movement 

ॐ Was ich lehre

Yoga & Movement 

ॐ Wo ich Stammgast bin  

Cafe Claro (Palma) 

ॐ Handstand oder Shavasana?


ॐ Allgäu oder Bali?


ॐ Buch oder Podcast? 


ॐ Mein aktuelles Lieblingsmantra

Gayatri (from Laeela) 

Intention, Alignment & Action

A formula for Yoga on and off the mat


Why we do what we do is the key. This class explores ‘classic’ poses practiced in a variety of

different ways to explore how intention, alignment and action create a wholesome and

exploratory Yoga practice.


There will be moments of stillness for self-reflection as well as

movement and flow... moments of silence as well as music and song.... all to see how intention

is everything.

ॐ Wann & Wo

Samstag 11.15-12.45 Uhr


The Great UnRavelling

Movement and Stillness to unwind


Removing ambition and striving from Yoga asana can be very revealing.


This practice is a ‘gentle’ one with a Yin/Yang feeling to it where there is nowhere to get to, nothing else to be other than who you are and a powerful recognition that when we are connected, nothing else matters.

ॐ Wann & Wo

Samstag 17.15-18.45 Uhr


BUilDing BriDges

Backbends alone & with friends


This class calls upon the inner architect, engineer, construction worker and visionary to build bridges literally and figuratively.


The vinyasa aspect of the class prepares the legs, center and shoulders for back bend poses by yourself and then the class transitions to partner work.


Working together with others to build bridges with more back bend poses as well creating human relations can then support the ultimate bridge, connection to the higher self!

ॐ Wann & Wo

Sonntag 9.15-10.45 Uhr


Kirtan: ECstatic Mantra Chanting

Join David for fine tuning frequencies through sacred song.  


David, with his guitar and voice, will lead the musical chanting in a celebration of community and connection.  


Open to anyone of any faith and singing abilities, no experience necessary!

ॐ Wann & Wo

Sonntag 12.45-14 Uhr