Chris Chavez

ॐ Woher ich komme


ॐ Was ich praktiziere 


ॐ Was ich lehre


ॐ Wo ich Stammgast bin  

ॐ Handstand oder Shavasana?


ॐ Allgäu oder Bali?


ॐ Buch oder Podcast? 


ॐ Mein aktuelles Lieblingsmantra

Love is a practice !

The Fire of Transformation

In this full-spectrum workshop and Opening of the YoCoHH 2020, we will develop the elements necessary to set your practice on fire!


We will use the practice to connect to deeper sources of power and strength as we find new and exciting ways to express what already lies inside!


This is one workshop you will not want to miss, as you are sure to be taken to the next level in your life and in your practice!

ॐ Wann & Wo

Freitag 19 Uhr



Give Your Mind A STick!

In this all-levels workshop we use arm balance and inversion sequences to call the mind to attention. 


By giving ourselves something to “hold,” we can break free of anything that is not serving us right NOW! 


Cultivating an aware and disciplined mind is the key to lasting happiness.

Let’s do it together!!

ॐ Wann & Wo

Samstag 15.15-16.45 Uhr



In this full-spectrum workshop we will explore what it means to build an “advanced” practice.

With the understanding that yoga is a path, we will seek to uncover some of the signs that mark the journey and affirm that we are moving in the right direction.

ॐ Wann & Wo

Sonntag 11.15-12.45 Uhr